Frequently Asked Questions


What is a virtual commencement ceremony?

The Virtual Commencement Ceremony will be a time for graduates, their friends and families, faculty, and staff to gather online to celebrate the graduates. This is not meant to be a replacement for the traditional format commencement ceremonies. It is a celebration and gathering in the meantime until we can unite at a later time. 

When will the virtual celebrations begin?

The Virtual Commencement consists of 13 pre-recorded broadcasts, specific to each college, resource center, professional school ceremonies, or celebration. The ceremonies will begin to air at 9:00 a.m. PT on Saturday, June 13. 

Where can I find the commencement ceremony links?

Students who registered to participate will receive the ceremony link the week of commencement from StageClip Virtual Events. The links can also be found on our website

How long will the videos be available for viewing after the Commencement Ceremony?

They will be available for 365 days after the event begins

Can I still participate in the virtual commencement?

No, registration closed on Sunday, May 10.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate. However, registration was required.

Do I need any special equipment to participate?

Graduates and guests will need access to a computer or device with internet connection.

Do I need to purchase tickets?

No, tickets are not required for this event. 

Can I share the ceremony links with my family and friends?

Yes, commencement ceremony links can be found here


How can parents, families, and friends support and celebrate our graduates?

Commencement is a very exciting time for families and friends, as well as the graduate. There are lots of ways you can celebrate your graduates.

  • Help us wish UC Santa Cruz's Class of 2020 well as they embark upon their next journey! We're collecting messages of congrats from students, alumni, family, staff, and faculty now. Submit your message here.

  • On June 13-14, graduates and guests will be able to watch the virtual ceremony specific to their college, Graduate Division, or professional school ceremony. The programming will be available here. Participation is free for all graduates and guests. 

Where can I purchase graduation gifts for my graduate?

Graduation gifts are available through the Bay Tree Bookstore.


Do I have to purchase a gown?

Regalia is not necessary for the virtual celebration in June.  Gowns can be purchased for photo opportunities, as a keepsake, or to have ahead of time for the in-person ceremony (when the date is set).

If I registered for commencement, but I didn’t submit a personal message or a picture, will my name still be displayed?

Yes, but it will ONLY display your Preferred First Name, Last Name, Major, and Honors (if applicable). 

Can I make any changes to my personal message, picture, or recording?

Unfortunately, it is too late to edit the virtual commencement, the vendor has already pulled all of the information from us to create the virtual ceremonies.

If you participate in June’s virtual commencement, can I still participate in-persons commencement? 

Yes, if you participate in June’s virtual commencement, you are allowed to participate in the in-person event (when the date is set). 

How can I get a Graduation Gift Box?

Graduates that register to participate before the deadline will receive a Graduate Gift Box.

Can I get a Graduate Gift Box if I’m not participating in the virtual commencement?

Ordering for the gift boxes was done based on the students who had registered to participate in commencement. All students who registered before the deadline will receive a Graduate Gift Box. Any remaining gift boxes will be distributed to eligible students who did NOT register on time. Email us if you’re interested in a Graduate Gift Box.