Guest Resources

Guests, we hope you are excited to celebrate the Class of 2023!

This year we will celebrate the graduate's achievements in a virtual and in-person commencement experience. Graduates will be able to create a virtual slide that can be shared with family and friends around the world as well as participate in an on-campus stage crossing experience called Slug Crossing on the Upper East Field. 

Additional details will become available in 2023, but we highly encourage you to opt-in to the commencement newsletter for more information! 



Celebrate your graduate's accomplishments with a bouquet, lei, or t-shirt! Pre-order your selection to guarantee the size and color you want are available. All online orders will be available for pickup on-site the day of your graduate's scheduled Slug Crossing. 

Purchase Gifts Today! 


A link will become available so you download a lawn sign to help spread the joyous news in your neighborhood and surprise your graduate!


Help us wish UC Santa Cruz's Class of 2023 well as they embark upon their next journey! We're collecting messages of congrats, love, and hope from students, alumni, and family. The link to post messages will be available in May 2023 and the full site will go live the week of commencement.   



Virtual Commencement will air on the commencement website on Thursday, June 15 at 6 pm PT. Graduates and guests will have access to the site for 365 days. Virtual commencement consists of virtual commencement pages that include the graduate's personalized slides, Slug Crossing live stream, Dear Class of 2023 Message Board, and more!



  1. Guest Ticket 
  2. Commencement Parking Permit (if parking)

Graduates are responsible for sharing tickets and parking permits with their guests.


Each graduate will be admitted to Slug Crossing with up to 6 guests. Children under the age of 5 do not require a ticket. Guests must arrive with their graduates at the venue entrance on the Upper East Field. Graduates are responsible for sharing tickets with their guests. 


Slug Crossing parking is located at the East Remote Lot. We recommend that graduates arrive and park with their guests. The parking permits need to be printed and displayed on the car dashboard and are valid for 75 minutes at the East Remote lot on the day of the graduate's Slug Crossing. There will be shuttles and disability vans available from the parking lot to the venue entrance. Additional information on parking will be announced. 


Pets (ADA service animals are allowed), Drones, Confetti, Noise-Makers, Balloons, Alcohol, Smoking, or Other Drugs. 


UCSC is strongly committed to making all of its programs and services accessible to students, campus employees, and members of the public. If graduates or guests need accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to include this information when registering to participate in commencement. 


UC Santa Cruz is deeply committed to sustainability and is striving to both reduce the amount of waste we generate, but also compost and recycle materials instead of sending them to landfills. For Commencement 2023, we're providing guidance to help guests support campus sustainability and zero waste goals. The campus prefers that plastic, disposable water bottles not be brought to campus. Guests are invited to bring a refillable water bottle – one that they will take with them at the end of their time on campus. 

Due to UC Santa Cruz's coastal location in proximity to a National Marine Sanctuary and Marine Protected Area, visitors are prohibited from bringing balloons into commencement venues. Balloons are not biodegradable and often float away, becoming litter in the ocean that wildlife frequently mistakes for food.