Slug Crossing


  • Your Grad Pass (registration ticket) either on your smartphone or a printed copy. 
    • Grad Passes will be issued by email 24 hours before the event begins. Graduates can also login to Marching Order to view and print their Grad Pass for the ceremony.
  • Proof of completion of the COVID-19 symptom screening survey either on your smartphone or a printed copy.
  • Your commencement regalia: cap, gown, and tassel (optional).


  • Graduates and their guests must complete the COVID-19 symptom screening survey before their scheduled Slug Crossing time. All attendees will be required to show proof of completion. Survey links will be provided to graduates and their guests the week of June 7.
  • In keeping with State and local public health guidelines and University policy aimed at minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, all graduates and guests are required to wear face coverings while on campus, regardless of vaccination status. During Slug Crossing, graduates may remove their masks briefly for official photographs.
  • Graduates and their guests will need to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from people outside their households. To help maintain physical distancing, they must use the designated entrance and separate exit routes.
  • Each graduate will be allowed to have two guests accompany them to campus. Graduates with fewer than two guests cannot transfer their guest invitation(s) to accommodate graduates who wish to have more than two guests.
  • To help minimize risks and reduce crowding and traffic congestion, we ask that only graduates with appointments and their two guests come to the Slug Crossing, at their appointed time. Guests will need to enter and stay with their graduates until prompted to separate for the graduate’s stage crossing moment.
  • Graduates and their guests are allowed 1 vehicle per graduate at the East Remote Parking Lot. Transportation and parking will be impacted beginning Friday morning, June 11, 2021, due to Commencement 2021 ceremonies and move-out activities. 


Graduates may invite a maximum of two guests to accompany them to Slug Crossing. Guests will be able to cheer on their graduate as they cross the stage. Guests are required to complete a UCSC symptom check prior to and be cleared for campus access. In order to ensure the health and safety of all participants, guests must arrive with their graduate in order to enter the venue. Graduates should share the COVID-19 symptom screening survey link and the Guest FAQ with their guests.


UCSC is strongly committed to making all of its programs and services accessible to students, staff and academic employees, and members of the public. If students or guests need accommodations, it is the student’s responsibility to include this information in the registration form. 


Graduates and their guests are allowed 1 vehicle per graduate at the East Remote Parking Lot. Transportation and parking will be impacted beginning Friday morning, June 11, 2021, due to Commencement 2021 ceremonies and move-out activities. Please plan to arrive together at East Field at your scheduled Slug Crossing time. Keep in mind that traffic will be heavy leaving campus after the ceremonies as well. Please follow all event signage and directions of traffic management staff for access to the best available parking or drop off locations. 

For additional commencement transportation and parking information, please visit Transportation & Parking Services


Graduates and their guests should plan to arrive together at the East Field at their scheduled Slug Crossing time. Upon check-in, all attendees will provide proof of completion of the COVID-19 symptom tracker. Graduates will show proof of registration and will proceed into the venue to wait for their stage crossing moment. Graduates will cross the stage and have two staged pictures and one candid picture taken with our professional photographers. Guests will be able to watch and cheer on their graduate as they cross the stage. Before exiting, graduates and guests will take one picture together with our professional photographer. Graduates and their guests must return to their vehicle immediately after exiting the venue in order to make sure that we have enough space in the parking lot for all participants.

For additional information, please visit our FAQs. 

Weather on the UC Santa Cruz campus can change dramatically in a very brief span of time. A chilly, foggy morning may quickly change to a hot, sun-filled day. While rain is unlikely in June, there have been commencements that have experienced unexpected rain — so check on weather predictions and dress accordingly. 

Most importantly, flat, comfortable shoes, rather than heels, are recommended due to the soft lawns upon which the event is held and the terrain of campus. As a note: there are no bathrooms in the East Field or East Remote Parking Lot, so please plan your travel accordingly. 


ADA Service animals are the only animals visitors may bring to campus. Pets are not allowed on campus grounds nor can they remain in vehicles. 

Drones are not permitted during commencement ceremonies.

No Alcohol and Other Drugs
University policy prohibits alcoholic beverages from being sold, furnished, possessed by or given to any person under the age of 21. In addition, no possession or transportation of open containers or consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed in public areas by any person, regardless of age or college affiliation. For more information on university policy and local, state and federal laws concerning alcohol and drugs, see the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.

No Smoking
All UC campuses are smoke- and tobacco-free. Smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, e‑cigarettes, and other nicotine products are strictly prohibited. This policy will be strictly enforced.

No Confetti, No Noise-makers, No balloons
Confetti, loud noise-makers, balloons and other items that produce litter or disruptive noise are not permitted.


UC Santa Cruz is deeply committed to sustainability and is striving to both reduce the amount of waste we generate, but also compost and recycle materials instead of sending them to landfill. For Commencement 2021, we're providing guidance to help guests support campus sustainability and zero waste goals.

The campus prefers that plastic, disposable water bottles not be brought to campus. Guests are invited to bring a refillable water bottle – one that you will take with you at the end of your time on campus.

Due to UC Santa Cruz's coastal location in proximity to a National Marine Sanctuary and Marine Protected Area, visitors are prohibited from bringing balloons into Commencement venues. Balloons are not biodegradable and often float away, becoming litter in the ocean that wildlife frequently mistaken as food.